Version: 6.27

Version 6.27+ (Future)

  • [*] Dynamic RuneScape Signature Creator with customizable options.
  • [*] Item Database.
  • [*] Quest Calculator.
  • [*] Add ability to perform reverse calculations (how much experience and many levels X items will gain).
  • [*] Reduce file size of sniffer and clean up code.
  • [*] Add all dungeon maps to Interactive World Map.

Version 6.27

  • [*] Grey Chinchompas option has been added to the Arrows Until Level Calculator.
  • [*] The Treasure Trails Clue Locator has been updated to the new RuneScape map.

Version 6.26

Version 6.25

  • [*]Fixed all of the skill calculators and the main calculator, so that the correct skill data is displayed.

Version 6.24

  • [*] The Summoning skill has been added to the main stats calculator.
  • [*] Summoning Calculator has been added.
  • [*] The Summoning skill has been added to the RuneScape Combat Calculator.
  • [*] SXS Sniffer now automatically downloads the newest .exe version instead of .zip version with the auto update function.

Version 6.23

Version 6.22

  • [*] All skill calculators (except Farming) have been redone completely, so that they have a nicer look and feel.
  • [*] All items and monsters are now shown in one table, so it is much easier to compare them.
  • [*] A progress bar has been added to each calculator, so that you can see how close you are in percent to the next level/goal experience.
  • [*] A search feature has been added, so that you can easily find the item and monster you want to see.
  • [*] It is possible to list items/monsters in many ways - simply click on the column title.
  • [*] There is now a choice to see the number of items and monsters to you goal level or goal experience.
  • [*] The Arrows Until Level Calculator now has a starting experience option.
  • [*] Interactive World Map and Coordinate Locator now use the newest version of the RuneScape world map.

Version 6.21

  • [*] SXS Sniffer now uses the Runescape lite version of the highscores.
  • [*] The Pest Control Calculator has an option to select what boat you will be in and displays the amount of games instead of tickets until level.
  • [*] Removed RuneHQ Monster DB; it will be replaced with Zybez's monster database soon.
  • [*] Removed User Comparison Calculator.

Version 6.2

  • [*] Updated the Pest Control Calculator because Jagex changed the experience value of each point.
  • [*] Removed the Equipment Bonus Calculator.

Version 6.19

  • [*] Clan Lookup added to the Main Calculator.
  • [*] Damage per game option added into Pest Control Calculator.
  • [*] Resources (Ores, Logs, etc) added to the Interactive World Map. Red dots will appear on minimap of places where these items can be found.

Version 6.18

Version 6.17

Version 6.16

  • [Database/Info] All Quests are now included and updated within the Interactive World Map.
  • [*] Time until level and experience per hour added into Agility Calculator.
  • [*] Time until level and experience per hour added into Firemaking Calculator.
  • [Error] Parser has been fixed as it stopped working for 2 days.

Version 6.15

Version 6.14

Version 6.13

  • [*] Stat Tracker - Ability to save stats experience, level, and rank (Note: Requires Microsoft Excel).
  • [Database/Info] Added in more quests that are searchable with the Integrated World Map.
  • [Error]Fixed an error that occurred for ~5% of the time users that required them to download an additional file manually.

Version 6.12

  • [*] Mini-World Map on top left to show entire map allows easy for even easier.
  • [Database/Info] Interactive World Map with ability to search by shops.
  • [Database/Info] Interactive World Map with ability to search by items sold by shops. Red dots will appear on minimap of shops that sell this item.
  • [*] The files: MSWINSCK.OCX and MSSTDFMT.DLL are downloaded from website instead of included in the sniffer to reduce file size.
  • [*] New icon of the program to give it a different look.

Version 6.11

  • [*] Interactive World Map with ability to search by cities, places, npcs, teleport, and transport locations.
  • [*] Coordinate Locator RuneScape Map updated for treasure trail clues.
  • [*] Equipment Bonus Calculator has been brought back.

Version 6.1

  • [*] News of last update displayed on opening of Sniffer.
  • [*] Complete customization of colors, over 16.7m different colors to choose from.
  • [*] Knives/Arrows option added to Arrows Until Level Calculator.
  • [*] Keris added to Melee Max Hit Calculator.
  • [*] Removed Staking Calculator as it is out of date.

Version 6.03

  • [*] Options to maximize extra features on start up.
  • [*] Option to auto lookup defualt username on start up.
  • [*] Option to save or not save usernames that you look up.
  • [*] New color options of Sky Blue and Neon Green for skins.
  • [*] New color options of Neon Green for buttons.

Version 6.02

  • [*] Ability to choose from 4 custom colors for buttons of black, orange, red, and blue.
  • [*] Selection Box skin color only appears when you click on a combo box, otherwise it is the information color. This lets the calculators colors more uniform.
  • [*] The name has been changed from Stepssniffer to SXS Sniffer.
  • [*] Experience on Main Calculator is shown when mouse is hovered over the Combat Level, Cmb % XP, % Skiller XP, % F2P XP, and % P2P XP.

Version 6.01

  • [*] New skins for buttons on all calculators.
  • [*] Made sniffer size smaller, by combining Attack, Defense, Strength, Hitpoints, Ranged, and Slayer Calculators into one unit.
  • [*] Changed the layout of Melee Until Level, Max Melee Hit, Arrows Until Level, and Max Ranged Hit Calculators.
  • [*] Change opening picture time from 1.5s instead of 2s.
  • [Error] If calculate button was clicked twice in sequence on Hitpoints Estimator, wrong values would be given.
  • [Error] Drop down menu shortcut to Hunter Calculator did not work on numerous calculators.

Version 6.0

  • [*] Sniffer will now download future updates and save to desktop a .zip file.
  • [*] F2P and P2P percent added to Main Calculator.
  • [*] Option to downloaded and registered MSSTDFMT.DLL and MSWINSCK.OCX for all first time users to remove possible "error on open" problems.
  • [Error] Missing a few skin adjustment on 3 calculators, so the skin on certain labels would be the wrong color.
  • [*] Cleaned up skin code by rerwiting it.
  • [*] Load opening picture on startup.
  • [Error] Removed monsters that did not give any amount on Attack, Defense, Strength, Hitpoints, Ranged, and Slayer Calculators.

Version 5.9

  • [*] Fixed the Tab index on a variety of calulators.
  • [Error] Arrows Until Level Calculator gave incorrect xp per hour.
  • [Error] Program closed when a user not on highscores was looked up.

Version 5.8

  • [*] Fixed the Tab index on a variety of calulators.
  • [Error] Arrows Until Level Calculator gave incorrect xp per hour.
  • [Error] Program closed when a user not on highscores was looked up.

Version 5.7

  • [*] New drop down tab for addition information on Main Calculator.
  • [*] Credits added with a filmstrip display.
  • [*] Cleaned up the code and deleted 20% of it, this means a smaller file.
  • [Error] Program closed when someone selected a alter and did not select bones on the Prayer Calculator.

Version 5.6

  • [*] Hunter Calculator added.
  • [Error] Hunter icon added to Main Calculator.
  • [Error] Skin for Hunter textbox changable .

Version 5.5

  • [*] Added Farming Calculator.
  • [*] Added Construction Calculator.
  • [Error] Fixed a bug in Pest Control Calculator, if you had over lvl 99 mage it would occur.
  • [Error] Made Hitpoints Estimator, more accurate by adding 1,154 xp that you start with.

Version 5.4

Version 5.3

Version 5.2

  • [Error] Instead of negative values for those over 99 in a skill, there is a "-".
  • [Error] In the Ranged Calculator, the wrong amount of monsters to level was given.
  • [Error] In the Arrows to Range Calculator, the Sniffer was closed under certain circumstances.
  • [Error] In the Staking Calculator, Torags and Veracs Plates had no stats due to a typo.
  • [*] Commas added to xp until level boxes, so they are easier to read.
  • [*] Addition of Skill Icons and Program Icon in each calculator.

Version 5.1

  • [*] Addtion of the Crafting Calculator.
  • [Error] Small specific bug when switching between calcs fixed, which caused the Sniffer to close.

Version 5.0

  • [*] Addtion of the Pest Control Calculator which allows you to determine the amount of tickets until a goal level.
  • [*] Add a new retrieve arrows option- retrieve large piles and not all single arrows.
  • [*] Monkfish added to the Fishing and the Coioking Calculators.

Version 4.9

Version 4.8

Version 4.7

  • [Error] Updated to new php stat parser, so unable to retreave stats is fixed for users that do exist.

Version 4.6

  • [Database/Info] Complete Shop Database including location of store, shopkeeper name, F2P/P2P status, Item names, store price, and default store stock amount.
  • [Database/Info] Addition of all new items to Staking Calc.
  • [Database/Info] Stored info from Staking Calc more effiviently and cleared up any old or wrong data.
  • [Extras] Organized menu options under other calcs.
  • [Extras] Auto checks for updates, and downloads if available.

Version 4.5

  • [Database/Info] Complete Monster Database, including monster droplists, lvl, hits, location, and description..
  • [Error] Fixed small bug in arrows to ranged lvl calc, where value was ridiculously off for low levels on occasion.

Version 4.4

Version 4.3

  • [Special Calculator] User Comparison added (Compare 1 users stat/ranks/levels).
  • [Error] Small bug with lookup of users with certain stats not in highscores showing levels fixed.

Version 4.2

  • [Error] Updated to new highscores.

Version 4.1

  • [Special Calculator] Hitpoints Estimator added (Tells you your Hitpoints after you gain attack / strength / defence / range / mage levels. Also user friendly to rsc mage xp/noncombat mage experience).

Version 4.0

  • [Extra] Auto lookup username added to all skills.
  • [Database/Info] Gauntlets added to stakin calc.
  • [Extra] Rank, Xp, and Xp until next level added to main lookup, when mouse is held over the skill level.
  • [Error] Bug with delete username fixed.

Version 3.9

  • [Database/Info] Personal update, aka not publically released.

Version 3.8

  • [Error] Bug in Remove Entry fixed.
  • [Extra] Combo boxes replace the bulky list boxes where necessary.
  • [Extra] Auto Complete username added to all stats instead of it only being usable on the main lookup.
  • [Extra] Link to RS world map added.

Version 3.7

  • [Extra] Saves usernames searched and easy way to remove an entry or all in settings.
  • [Extra] Auto complete username added.
  • [Extra] Chat Removed (makes prog smaller), not used much by users, but it was more an experiment of scripting for myself.
  • [Extra] Link to this page added, more to guides will soon also be added.

Version 3.6

  • [Core Calulator] Fletching Calculator Added.
  • [Error] Bug with opening cooking calculator with stat icon fixed.

Version 3.5

  • [Extra] Multi-channel IRC Chat added (1-3 channels).
  • [Extra] Ability to set IRC nickname and password as well as default channel.
  • [Extra] Text of skill names replaced by stat icons.

Version 3.4

  • [Database/Info] Staking Calc Added - Weapon / Armor Comparison Calculator Added [All barrows, Dragon, Rune, other items] (Attack Bonuses- Stab/Slash/Crush/Magic/Ranged, Defense Bonuses- Stab/Slash/Crush/Magic/Ranged, Strength/Prayer Bonuses)
  • [Extra] About Added (Credits).

Version 3.3

  • [Skins] Custom Selection of Skin Colors (1500 different color options combinations total).

Version 3.2

  • [Core Calulator] Thieving Calculator Added.
  • [Core Calulator] Agility Calculator Added.

Version 3.1

  • [Extra] New menu scroll button for easy navigation within the program.
  • [Extra] Set username for it to be remembered on startup of program.
  • [Extra] Error message if user does not appear in highscores for a certain stat.

Version 3.0

  • [Skins] New Skin/Colors.
  • [Core Calulator] Herblore Calculator Added.

Version 2.9

  • [Core Calulator] Mining Calculator Added.
  • [Core Calulator] Smithing Calculator Added.
  • [Core Calulator] Runecrafting Calculator Added.

Version 2.8

  • [Core Calulator] Magic (Regular and Ancient) Calculator Added.
  • [Core Calulator] Woodcutting Calculator Added.
  • [Core Calulator] Firemaking Calculator Added.
  • [Core Calulator] Prayer Calculator Added.

Version 2.7

Version 2.6

  • [Core Calulator] Cooking Calculator added.
  • [Special Calulator] Magic/Ranged Formula adjusted with testing of another 100 pures.
  • [Special Calulator] Max Ranged Hit Formula adjusted.

Version 2.5

  • [Core Calulator] Fishing Calculator added.
  • [Error] Added some thing so no run time errors.

Version 2.4

  • [Special Calulator] Added Max Hit Range Calc for all arrows (reliable within 0.5 of max hit).
  • [Special Calulator] Not pot/potted option available for Max Range Calc.

Version 2.3

  • [Core Calulator] Added Slayer Calculator.

Version 2.2

  • [Error] Fixed Combat calc error bug where it didn't show cmb in main stat lookup.
  • [Database/Info] More monsters in currect calculators.

Version 2.1

  • [Core Calulator] Completed stats lookup for all stats.
  • [Core Calulator] Completed detailed calc/xp/monsters until level for Attack, Defense, Strength, Hitpoints, and Ranged (over 75 options to use for level)
  • [Special Calculator] Added Combat Calculator accurate for 9,990/10,000+ user data entries (tested on irc (previous stats lookup from mirc))

    • Version 6.27

      • [*] Grey Chinchompas option has been added to the Arrows Until Level Calculator.
      • [*] The Treasure Trails Clue Locator has been updated to the new RuneScape map.

    Other News: