RuneScape Range Max Hit Calculator

Version: 6.27

Range Max Hit Calculator

RuneScape Range Max Hit Calculator RuneScape Ranged Max Hit RuneScape Range Maximum Damage

RuneScape Range Max Hit Calculator features:

  • Determines your max ranged hit with:
    • Ranged level
    • Arrow type:
      • Bronze
      • Iron
      • Steel
      • Mithril
      • Adamant
      • Rune
    • Potions option:
      • No Potion
      • Ranged Potion
    • Prayer type:
      • None
      • Sharp Eye
      • Hawk Eye
      • Eagle Eye
    • Bow type:
      • None (Standard Bow)
      • Crossbow
      • Dark Bow (Special Attack)
    • Other option:
      • None
      • Void Knight Armour (10% bonus)


    What does this calculator do?
    How accurate is it?
    • The Range Max Hit Calculator is 100% accurate in determining your maximum hit. If you find any discrepancies in the calculated value and what you have personally seen, then please ensure that you have input the correct conditions and that you have thoroughly tested it before reporting it as a bug.

    • Version 6.27

      • [*] Grey Chinchompas option has been added to the Arrows Until Level Calculator.
      • [*] The Treasure Trails Clue Locator has been updated to the new RuneScape map.

    Other News: