Version: 6.27

RuneScape Melee Max Hit Calculator

RuneScape Maximum Melee Hit Calculator RuneScape Max Melee Hit RuneScape Max Melee Damage

This calculator find the maximum hit of a character with the use of their melee skills. This maximum hit calculator accounts for many additional factors that can affect a player's melee max hit.

RuneScape Melee Max Hit Calculator features:

  • Determines your maximum melee hit with:
    • Strength level
    • Weapon strength bonus
    • Attack type:
      • Controlled
      • Aggressive
      • Accurate
      • Defensive
    • Potions option:
      • No Potion
      • Strength Potion
      • Super Strength Potion
    • Prayer type:
      • None
      • Burst Of Strength
      • Superhuman Strength
      • Ultimate Strength
    • Other Bonuses:
      • None
      • Rune Claws
      • Dragon Dagger Special Attack
      • Dragon Long Special Attack
      • Dragon Mace Special Attack
      • Dragon Halberd Special Attack
      • Keris
      • Full Dharoks (below 10% HP)
    • Amulet Bonuses:
      • None
      • Salve Amulet

    • Version 6.27

      • [*] Grey Chinchompas option has been added to the Arrows Until Level Calculator.
      • [*] The Treasure Trails Clue Locator has been updated to the new RuneScape map.

    Other News: