Version: 6.27

RuneScape Hitpoint Estimator

RuneScape Hitpoint Estimator Calculator RuneScape Hitpoint Estimater RuneScape Hitpoint Estimator

This RuneScape calculator find a player's estimated Hitpoints level by account for their other combat stats. It can accurately predict a player's Hitpoints level, if they correctly input their goal stat levels.

RuneScape Hitpoint Estimator's features:

  • Estimates a characters Hitpoints by accounting for:
    • Attack
    • Strength
    • Defence
    • Ranged
    • Magic
      • Non-Combat Magic experience
      • Combat Magic experience


      What does this calculator do?
      • This calculator determines your Hitpoints level with the input of your Attack, Defence, Strength, Ranged, and Magic level or experience.
      How accurate is it?

    • Version 6.27

      • [*] Grey Chinchompas option has been added to the Arrows Until Level Calculator.
      • [*] The Treasure Trails Clue Locator has been updated to the new RuneScape map.

    Other News: