Version: 6.27

Overall Progress (92%)

Core RuneScape Calculators (100%)

  • All skills calculators complete.
  • Displayed are the user's experience, level, target experience, target level, and experience to goal level.
  • Also displayed is the amount of all monsters/items to goal level.
  • Special RuneScape Calculators

    Combat Calculator

    • Formula has been tested with over 50,000 entries for magic, ranged, and melee types.
    • Shows stats to level to gain next combat level.

    Arrows Until Level

    • Gives amount of specified arrows from given level to a goal level.
    • Gives level obtained with an amount of specified arrows.
    • Gives an estimated time in hours and minutes until goal level is reached.
    • Gives an estimated average experience per hour.

    Melee Time Until Level

    • Gives an estimated time in hours and minutes until goal attack and/or strength level is reached.
    • Gives an estimated average experience per hour.
    • Option of potions and other bonuses are factored in.

    Hitpoints Estimator

    • Calculates hitpoints experience and level with the given Attack, Strength, Defense, Ranged, and Magic levels.

    Max Melee Hit

    • Given strength level and weapon strength max hit is calculated.
    • Modifier options such as prayer, pot, attack style, and other bonuses, such as dharoks are factored in.

    Ranged Max Hit

    • Given ranged level max ranged hit is calculated.
    • Modifier options such as ranged pot and arrow type are factored in.

    Pest Control

    • Given levels it will determine how many tickets to a goal level.

    Stat Tracker

    • Saves stats experience, level, and rank when requested in an excel file.
    • This data can be graphed by the user to see their progress over a period of time.

    Barrows Repair Cost

    • Returns the total price to repair part or full Barrows Set.
    • Accounts for Smithing level deductions if a user is using an Amour Stand.

    Databases/Info (81%)

    Interactive RuneScape World Map and Coordinate Finder / Locater - various search methods.

    • Coordinates
    • Cities
    • Shops
    • Items
    • Resources
    • Places
    • NPC's
    • Quests
    • Teleport Locations
    • Transport Locations

    Complete RuneScape Monster Lookup

    • Combat level
    • Hitpoints
    • F2P / P2P
    • Location
    • Description
    • Droplist

    Complete RuneScape Shop Database

    • Searchable by shop name, location, and item name.
    • Shop name
    • Location
    • F2P / P2P
    • Item names
    • Shop price
    • Default stock

    Complete Item Database (72%)

    • F2P / P2P (0%)
    • Low alch value (0%)
    • High alch value (0%)
    • Store value (0%)
    • Market price (0%)
    • Description (0%)
    • Stackable / Nonstackable (0%)
    • Picture (0%)


    • 65,536 color choices are available to change background, font, selection box, and info colors.
    • Customizable in millions of possiblities.
    • Preview button to show sample of how the skin will look.

    Links (0%)

    • Quest Guides (0%)
    • Useful help sites (0%)


    • Auto checks for updates.
    • Auto loads and looks up a given username on startup.
    • Auto loads and looks up username when calculator type is changed.
    • Clan Lookup within the Main Calculator.
    • Store all usernames looked up.
    • Auto complete usernames.
    • Auto complete all monster names.
    • Auto complete all shops, items, and location names.
    • Runescape stat icons on the Main Lookup and User Comparison.
    • Menu to scroll to change calculator easily.
    • Double click stat icons on Main Lookup to change calculators.
    • About page for all contributions.

    • Version 6.27

      • [*] Grey Chinchompas option has been added to the Arrows Until Level Calculator.
      • [*] The Treasure Trails Clue Locator has been updated to the new RuneScape map.

    Other News: